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Dear Future Self


Dear Future Diana,

I am so proud of you for getting your journey back on track. By the looks of it, I would say you finally kicked the dessert habit also. Good for you! What is it like to be able to get on the floor and play with the grandkids? Oh, I bet you can tie your shoes without feeling like you just had a full workout. I have so many questions to ask you and I am not real sure where to begin.

I guess the best place to start is by letting you know that I have already started some small little habits that helped you get where you are today. Just like I promised back in April, I have started drinking only water (Ok, I still drink my morning coffee, but the cream level has been reduced drastically), I eat breakfast every day, and my fruit and vegetable consumption is significantly higher.

To answer your question, yes it is a healthy breakfast about 98% of the time. If you don’t believe me, just check my tracker on MyFitnessPal because I may not log everything, but I do log my breakfast. I know, I should log everything, but I am getting there. Oh, this morning? Yeah, had some errands to run so I stopped at Wawa. I didn’t do too badly though. See, I am learning.

Now, to some of those questions I have for you:

  1. How did you get the determination to not quit? How did you get past the obstacles that life placed in your path? I seem to be struggling with that at the moment.
  2. How long did it take before you could climb the stairs without pulling yourself up or losing your breath? I have lived here for 6 months and I still can’t do that.
  3. What did it feel like the first time you were able to fly without fear of being ridiculed?
  4. Do you own those boots that you swore you would have someday? (If you don’t remember the boot story, you can read it here.)
  5. How was it when you were finally able to ride those roller coasters again?
  6. I know that you have a regular exercise routine, what did you do to start? How did you get past the pain and keep going?
  7. Did the eczema and asthma get better as you lost the weight and got healthier?

There are so many more questions I would love to ask, but they aren’t coming to mind right now. I am happy to say that I have outlined my next baby step for our journey. I have decided that the next goal is to not eat take-out and cook dinner every night.

I know, it is not going to be easy with “the husband’s” obsession with pizza, chinese, and drive thru cuisine. But, you obviously figured out a way to conquer it, so that is what I am doing this week. I am not saying I will never eat take-out again, but I am saying that I need to get in the habit of cooking for myself. So, if he wants take-out he can get it. I will still prepare my dinner.

Oh, one more question:

Were you ever able to get that husband of yours to eat any vegetables without tricking him? LOL


Bring on 2012!


The time has come to reflect on 2011 and move towards 2012. While I can’t say that I accomplished all that I set out to this year, I can say that I have learned so much. Here are just a few things I am taking into 2012 with me that I did not have last year at this time:

  • An amazing communityof literally hundreds if not thousands who are rooting me on.
    • How lucky am I that I have all these personal trainers, motivators, friends, and mentors whose knowledge and experience I can draw from?
  • A better understanding that weight loss/health is just as much mental as it is physical.
    • Until now I never took the time to deal with the emotional aspects of being overweight and the reasons why I got this way to begin with. It goes much deeper than just the love of food.
  • I have a better relationship with myself which has resulted in a better self-image the way I am now rather than the way I wish I was.
    • This is directly related to the previous statement. Until I really started to understand why I am hiding behind my size, I really did not understand what steps need to be taken to fix it.

These last couple of months, I have worked very hard to work through all the denial and the brutal honesty is paying off.

Finally! I have a plan. It may not be the plan that works for anyone else, but it is a plan for me. I am taking this journey one day at a time and I will stop to smell the roses when I need to. I have nothing else but time, so I might as well not rush through it.

As I stated in my previous blog, my first short-term goal is to find constructive ways to deal with my emotions and stress other than eating and feeling sorry for myself. Hmmm, the first thought that comes to mind is the gym! 🙂