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Small Changes for Huge Results


Yesterday I wrote about some of the struggles I have been having and came clean with my self-imposed obstacles/excuses. Well, today I am sharing with you the first steps I plan on taking to get out of this funk.

I recently came across one of the most inspirational stories that I have read and I was literally blown away by the transformation. Eli Sapharti – FAT Boy FIT Man is one of those stories that make you just sit back and take notice. He recently posted this video to his Facebook page and in it you can see how genuine he is about wanting to help and inspire people. He also talks about taking baby steps and making small changes so you don’t get overwhelmed and give up after a month or two. This one statement struck a nerve with me.

I have told you before that I have lost and gained the same 50, 60, 70 pounds several times. Every time I did it, I was dedicated and determined and took off running. I would cut out all sugar, all carbs, all fat, drink the shakes, well, you get the picture. I never did anything gradually and went in with an “all or nothing” attitude. I know I have read and heard the advice to make small changes one at a time many times. But, you know me. I am not a patient person. I want to be thin and have a life RIGHT NOW!!!!

Ok, so why did reading Eli’s story and watching his video make me stop and think? I can’t really explain it myself. All I know is that listening to him talk about his journey and his thoughts struck a chord with me. It stayed with me and last night I thought about those baby steps. What can I change right now that I really won’t impact me in such a way that I feel like my entire life has been turned upside down and something that can make an impact for life?

I came up with a few small changes which I have implemented today:

  1. Water: The switch is being made to only water for cold beverages. I am still allowing myself 1 cup of coffee in the mornings though, I am not real sure I can totally give that up just yet. If I really want more hot beverages, I can drink green and herbals teas.
  2. Breakfast: While have made it a habit to eat breakfast every day, I don’t exactly eat the healthiest breakfast every day. Last night I made my own instant oatmeal packs with oats, ground flax seed, cinnamon, a dash of salt, and some Splenda. I then purchased some almond milk and brought it all to work with me. I have breakfast ready to stick in the microwave for the next two weeks. No reason at all to stop for coffee and scones or breakfast sandwiches.
  3. Fruits and Vegetables: I love my freggies, but I am not always successful at squeezing them into my day. It is now my goal to find a way to get some sort of produce into each and every meal. For example, this morning I before ate my oatmeal and cut up an apple and added it.

Three things which I can change and be consistent with and at the same time will be creating habits which will make a huge impact on my goals. I am thinking about what changes to make next. What are some of the changes you have made to your lifestyle?


The Things I Might Miss by Losing Weight


First of all, I need to address why I have been MIA on this blog. My last post was nearly two months ago. I could go through a long explanation excuse of how I have been so busy moving and working, but I don’t want to lie to you. Yes, my family and I did move and I have also been working quite a bit. But, that has not stopped me from regularly maintaining my Facebook page, so why not post? Well, I think part of it is because I have been feeling like a big fraud. My page has gained popularity and I have been blessed with the greatest support system a girl could have. Not only do I have several family and friends who cheer me on, but there are hundreds of people I have never met who offer continuous advice and support. The thing is, although I am in fact doing everything that I have promised and posted, there are many things I have not done.

I have not been consistent at all with eating. Well, I have been eating, just not making good choices consistently. I have been doing the activities and exercises that I have been posting, but I know I am not pushing myself to do more.

With that said, I have had a few humbling, yet motivating moments the past couple of days and I am here asking you to not give up on me. I have not given up on myself and I know that I can and will live a healthier life.

There are many posts out there, including some from me, which give various reasons to lose weight. Everything from health to fashion has been mentioned. Let’s face it; we all know the health risks associated with carrying extra weight as well as the lack of clothing selections. We also have our own struggles with everyday life to deal with. If losing weight were easy, no one would be overweight. This is not a life that anyone chooses willingly.

With that said, I thought it would be an interesting twist to list the things I might miss about being overweight once I have crossed the line from obesity to “normalcy”. Here is a list of those things:

  1. The ability to stay off of everyone’s radar by staying hidden in the background
  2. Being able to stay in bed an extra 10-15 minutes every morning because I just can’t get the energy to get up
  3. Asking my husband for assistance to get up off the floor, or even the couch at times
  4. My slip on shoes, I might actually have to tie my own shoes
  5. Staying home all the time
  6. The constant weggies (TMI, I know, but this is my list and those of you who are obese know what I am talking about)
  7. My couch
  8. Elevators and escalators
  9. Sitting on the bench while my family rides the roller coasters
  10. Polyester and elastic
  11. The bruises on the side of my legs from chairs
  12. Seatbelt extenders
  13. Heavy breathing all the time
  14. The lectures from my doctor
  15. The lack of invitations to social events or even family events (this makes it easier to hide in the house)

As you have probably figured out, this is more of a sarcastic list. The point is, I have so much to gain by losing and I am so tired of starting over every single day. We all know that I have had my fair share of struggles the past couple of years, but it is my own fault that I let these life events interfere with what should be my number one priority: ME! That is why I have not given and I never will. Today is a gift just as yesterday was and it is my choice how I use it. I am using it to mark my determination to make not only today, but my future better than yesterday.