Stir Fry Anyone?


It has been a crazy busy today here at work for me today. There has been a shift in responsibilities which was supposed to simplify and make things easier for everyone. Somehow, this new “system” placed a lot more on my plate. I am not real sure how that is supposed to simplify, but I will go with it.

As a result of my newfound responsibilities, I completely forgot about lunch. I think it was about 2:00 before I realized that I had not eaten. That is a testament of what happens when you stop focusing so much on your food. When I was tracking and counting calories I became so obsessed with every meal and snack that I was always hungry and waiting for the next “fix”.

In my new role here at work, I am probably going to be having quite a few late lunches and nights. This is both good and bad. It is good that I know that I still have a job and I will probably have one for a while, but it is not good because it might take away some time from my family.

When I wrapped up my crazy day I was exhausted, so I came home and whipped up a stir fry instead of the grilled chicken I had planned. The family liked it and I liked the fact that it was cooked and on the table in record time. The secret is, frozen stir fry veggies and rice which were cooked ahead of time. Do you have any favorite and quick weeknight dinners that are crowd pleasers?


About Diana

At 43 years old I have missed out on so much in life because I was too busy obsessing about my weight. Having spent so many years on the weight roller coaster, I have decided to just live and enjoy the journey instead of putting everything on hold for "someday when I am skinny". I am applying a few priciples that will allow me to just enjoy life: 1~ Drink my water. 2~ Enjoy my food 3~ Don't deprive myself of anything- portion control is my motto 4~ Throw the scale away (OK, I can't bring myself to throw it away,but I am giving it to my teenage son to hide from me) 5~ This one is the most important: LIVE LIFE!

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