Preparing for the Week Ahead


Saturdays are my day for running errands. I usually start the day whipping up the simplest, fastest breakfast possible for my family because I need to be out the door by 8 or so.

Once out the door, I drive my teenager to work then get started on all my chores. I usually have several stops to make, but the most important one is Starbucks. It has become a Saturday ritual that I get my caffeine in so I can sit quietly, enjoy my latte, and map out my day.

Today my stops included the auto parts store for oil, the grocery store, the post office, and a local restaurant to pick up lunch for my Mother in Law. I know, why pick up lunch when you have a car full of groceries? Well, because once I am home the fun really starts.

I got home around 1:00, unloaded the car, gave her the food I picked up for lunch, then continued to do the prep work for the week’s meals. I do this all in one day to help with the rest of the week.

Here is some weekend prep work which helps with the weekday meals for me:

  1. I usually poach an entire bag of boneless, skinless chicken breasts. These can be used later for casseroles, chicken salad, salads, etc
  2. I slice and dice onions, peppers, and other veggies so the are ready to go for the week.
  3. Today I chose to make a batch of homemade yogurt. This will be part of my yummy breakfast for the week.
  4. Today I am also browning up about 2 pounds of ground beef which I will be using for chili and tacos later in the week.

These are just a few things I do ahead of time to make meal preparation easier during the week. Do you have any of your own?


About Diana

At 43 years old I have missed out on so much in life because I was too busy obsessing about my weight. Having spent so many years on the weight roller coaster, I have decided to just live and enjoy the journey instead of putting everything on hold for "someday when I am skinny". I am applying a few priciples that will allow me to just enjoy life: 1~ Drink my water. 2~ Enjoy my food 3~ Don't deprive myself of anything- portion control is my motto 4~ Throw the scale away (OK, I can't bring myself to throw it away,but I am giving it to my teenage son to hide from me) 5~ This one is the most important: LIVE LIFE!

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